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Greggs launches first full sustainability plan the ‘Greggs Pledge’

Greggs has launched its first full sustainability plan, setting out its ten commitments to help make the world a better place by 2025 – and beyond.

Since Greggs was founded more than 80 years ago, it has established a long standing reputation for giving back. It has always tried to do the right thing by its people, suppliers and the communities it serves. Now more than ever stakeholders are increasingly focused on the way that companies operate and how they behave, and are looking for more transparency and disclosure from companies on how they are actively contributing to a better world and future.

Greggs recognises the importance of this. Its ten commitments will focus on three key areas that align to the company’s values and where it believes it can make the most difference. These are:

  • Stronger, healthier communities: to play its part in improving the nation’s diet by helping to tackle obesity, providing free breakfasts to schoolchildren, and giving surplus food to those most in need.

  • Safer planet: to become a carbon neutral, zero waste business.

  • Better business: to increase the diversity of its workforce, and to use its purchasing power responsibly, with the aim of making things better in its supply chain.

The ten commitments to support these three key areas of focus have been developed with feedback from internal and external stakeholders and by considering the issues most relevant to the business. These commitments are aligned with the ambitions of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • Growing Greggs Breakfast Clubs: By 2025, Greggs will support 1000 school Breakfast Clubs providing some 70,000 free meals each school day.

  • Putting an end to food waste: By 2025, Greggs will create 25% less food waste than in 2018 and will continue to work towards 100% of surplus food going to those most in need.

  • Supporting our communities: By 2025, Greggs will have 50 Greggs Outlet shops providing affordable food in areas of social deprivation, with a share of profits given to local community organisations.

  • Helping customers to make healthier choices: By 2025, 30% of the items on Greggs’ shelves will be healthier choices and it will attract customers through education and promotions.

  • Going carbon neutral: By 2025, Greggs will be on its way to achieving carbon neutrality by using 100% renewable energy across all of its operations.

  • Building the shops of the future: By 2025, 25% of Greggs shops will feature elements from its Eco-Shop store of the future design.

  • Using less packaging: By 2025, Greggs will use 25% less packaging, by weight, than in 2019 and any remaining packaging will be made from material that is widely recycled.

  • Embracing diversity: By 2025, Greggs’ workforce will reflect the communities it serves.

  • Sourcing sustainability: By 2025, Greggs will have a robust Responsible Sourcing Strategy in place and will report annually on progress towards its targets.

  • Protecting animal welfare: By 2025, Greggs will secure and maintain Tier 1 in the BBFAW Animal Welfare standard.

Commenting on the launch, Roger Whiteside, chief executive officer at Greggs, said: ‘We are delighted to launch the Greggs Pledge, our first full sustainability plan. As a modern business it is our duty to stand for more than just profit, and our history shows that we are doing exactly that. We have a proud reputation of giving back to our people, suppliers and communities, and we know that more can be done to change the world for the better.

‘The Greggs Pledge sets out our commitments as we continue giving back to the communities that support us and take less from the environment that we all reply on. We look forward to reporting on our progress.’


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