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Greenly partners with Whatley Manor to strengthen the hospitality sector’s efforts towards greater sustainability

Having established itself as one of Britain’s environmentally responsible hotels over the course of five years, Whatley Manor has announced a new partnership with Greenly, provider of carbon assessment and accountability solutions for companies of all sizes and from all industries.


The integration of Greenly’s software solutions allows Whatley Manor to measure and benchmark the impact of its sustainability actions in real time, providing its management with actionable insights to deploy a coherent and impactful sustainability strategy. As a result of this collaboration, Whatley Manor will be able to simplify monitoring of all greenhouse gas emissions, including Scope 3 emissions emanating from its suppliers, making up an estimated 80% of a company’s carbon footprint. Such information will help the hotel choose suppliers which share its commitment to the environment, helping guests to do their bit for the planet during their stay.


As calculated by Greenly, the hotel registered an impressive drop in its carbon emissions in 2023 as compared to the preceding year. Using the market based approach, which takes into account the energy suppliers engaged by the hotel, Whatley Manor’s carbon footprint fell from 1778 tCO2e in 2022 to 1057.2 tCO2e in 2023. The hotel has also reduced its carbon footprint by choosing more environmentally conscious providers. This provides a clear example of Greenly’s long standing belief that business can be made greener through a virtuous cycle of like minded suppliers at every stage of the value chain.


For Greenly, this represents an important expansion into the British hospitality sector, accelerating its efforts towards debunking the conventional wisdom around the difficulties of decarbonising this sector, which currently accounts for 15% of Britain’s GHG emissions. Whatley Manor’s adoption of its solutions reflects a commitment to a data driven approach to addressing climate change, complementing existing ESG efforts covering energy efficiency, waste reduction, community engagement and funding climate action. 


Michele Mella, general manager of Whatley Manor, said: ‘Our collaboration with Greenly is the latest expression of our steadfast belief that luxury and the environment can coexist. We strive to deliver an exceptional guest experience while reducing our impact on the planet, and invite all guests and the community to join our commitment to sustainable tourism.’


Alexis Normand, CEO and co-founder of Greenly, said: ‘The hospitality sector has a significant role to play in addressing the climate crisis, primarily by looking at all aspects of their operations and deploying more sustainable alternatives, such as seeking out more sustainable suppliers. We are pleased to work with a hotel like Whatley Manor which shares this vision, and look forward to helping it assess and manage its impact on the environment.’




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