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Gallimaufry and root for greener future

The Gallimaufry, the Bristol gastro pub renowned for its commitment to the arts and local community, has announced a new partnership with 9Trees, a community interest company (CIC) dedicated to environmental conservation. This collaboration reflects a mutual commitment towards a greener, healthier Bristol and underscores the importance of local businesses in combating climate change.

With this partnership, The Gallimaufry pledges to contribute to the mission of planting nine trees for every person in the UK, thereby balancing carbon footprints and promoting biodiversity. The Gallimaufry, a hub for local food, drink, music, and art, will catalyse environmental initiatives, inspiring other businesses and individuals to participate in sustainable practices.

Michael Cunningham, co-founder and director of, expressed excitement over the partnership, stating: ‘We are thrilled to be working with The Gallimaufry. By joining forces, we can make a tangible difference in our local environment and set a powerful example for others to follow.’

The two companies are set to empower the Bristol community and make strides towards a sustainable future. Bristol's gastronomic and environmental communities can look forward to being part of this positive change, proving that successful business and positive societal contributions can go hand in hand.

Michael Cunningham said, ‘Our journey with The Gallimaufry is not just about environmental conservation, but about creating a legacy. It is about inspiring other businesses, fostering a sense of community, and showing that each of us can play a part in creating a better tomorrow. We are not just planting trees; we are planting hopes for a sustainable future. This partnership allows us to take a significant step forward in our mission, and we are excited about the positive change we will make together.’


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