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First ever skateboard half pipe built from containerboard to highlight material values

Mondi has unveiled a fresh initiative to highlight the values of its containerboard materials that we use in our everyday lives. In partnership with Olympian skateboarder Julia Brückler, the company challenges myths around making paper through a fusion of innovation, sustainability and athleticism.


The challenge was to build the first ever skateboard half pipe from containerboard, the paper used in corrugated packaging. Why? Because it is a fresh, analogous way of showing how containerboard is an ideal material that we rely on every day, and Mondi is constantly on the lookout for the next generation of people who are passionate about paper.


Julia's passion for skateboarding aligns with Mondi's commitment to excellence and, like the sport's resilience, this project mirrors the meticulous processes of perfecting paper grades.


Professional skateboarder Julia Brückler, who debuted at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, shares her excitement: ‘This was such a unique experience! It made me realise that we often take paper items used in our day to day lives for granted, not thinking about where they are coming from or how they are made. Discovering the details of paper packaging and how durable and strong the material can be during this project was eye opening!’


Mondi’s focus is on circular driven solutions created by empowered people who are taking action on climate. The company offers an environment where creativity and purpose converge – a workplace that continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

It has several world leading containerboard paper mills with expert teams who make our containerboard product range. This containerboard paper is used to create corrugated solutions with nature like strength and resilience.


Markus Gärtner, CEO corrugated packaging at Mondi, commented: ‘This initiative is about inspiring people to see the value of our containerboard paper grades through a fresh perspective. Partnering with Olympian Julia Brückler was a great experience and it embodies our commitment to innovation, excellence and enjoying new challenges! Get in touch with us if you are looking for sustainable packaging solutions or a career full of potential.’




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