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Electric vehicle that will charge for up to 10 times less than the cost of petrol

#ScottishPower is launching an exclusive new tariff aimed at #electric #vehicle owners that allows users to access discounted #charging during off peak hours, taking advantage of cheaper electricity rates through their smart meter for the first time.

The cost of charging an #EV via this new tariff will be a tenth of the cost per mile of running a standard petrol car when comparing electricity costs with the cost of fuel.

The #SmartPower Green EV January 2021 tariff allows customers to take advantage of discounted charging times between the hours of midnight and 5 am, with ScottishPower’s innovative smart EV charger also allowing charging to be scheduled in advance and set by a smartphone app.

The ScottishPower Smart EV Charger, powered by Wallbox, was unveiled by the company late last year and is considered the UK’s smallest fast charging point with charging taking 50% less time than some others currently available.

ScottishPower also recently announced it would become the first integrated energy company in the UK to produce 100% green electricity and is already supporting the UK’s switch to cleaner greener transport by unveiling a link up with the major car retailer Arnold Clark allowing buyers to purchase or lease an EV of their choice, book a home charging point installation and sign up to the exclusive ScottishPower tariff all at the same time.

Keith Anderson, ScottishPower CEO, described the new tariff as a further example of the company enabling a smooth and accelerated transition to electric vehicle ownership.

‘A tariff that enables drivers to charge their vehicle for up to ten times less than the cost of petrol is a game changer. ScottishPower wants to help customers benefit from electric vehicles as quickly as possible as that will help improve air quality and cut carbon quicker. Helping cutting the cost of motoring will help people switch to electric vehicles faster,’ he said.


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