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Davos hears how Trivium Packaging puts climate solutions in the hands of consumers

At Davos 2023 earlier this year, heads of state, experts, academics, innovators, and the world’s foremost CEOs gathered to debate and drive positive change in the world. Among those attending, Michael Mapes, CEO of Trivium Packaging, made the case for metal packaging to take precedence over plastic where appropriate. Metal is easier to recycle than plastic and already has a strong recycling infrastructure. As a material, it can be recycled endlessly and processes have already been innovated to reduce the industry’s environmental impact: in the last 30 years, the quantity of metal in a typical can have been reduced by 46%; continuing innovations are reducing emissions across the supply chain. Michael Mapes added that as well as metal being infinitely recyclable, metal packaging contributes to the nexus issues associated with CO2 emissions. ‘Up to a third of all food produced is lost or wasted,’ he said. ‘Food waste accounts for between eight and 10% of global greenhouse emissions. Canning food extends its shelf life and makes transportation easier, tackling two of the major causes of food wastage. It also addresses hunger: as climate change causes harvests to fail, food stored in a metal can reaches the regions of the world where it is most needed.’ He explained that the future of the planet depends on such solutions being used to protect the environment from further harm, saying: ‘We are working with one of the few truly circular substrates, and it makes absolute sense to look at where it can be used in place of plastic packaging which is causing significant environmental damage.’

By making sustainability a key part of its strategy, Trivium was awarded Platinum status twice from EcoVadis. Platinum status is awarded to the top 1% of the more than 100,000 companies reviewed. Paolo Zanini, CEO of TBD Media Group, has provided the platform for Michael Mapes and others to share their insights on the future of business at Davos. He said. ‘The world is facing the challenge of sustainability with business growth. Companies like Trivium have shown that there is a future for manufacturing and they have proven to be champions of solutions to the problems facing the world. The business community needs to act together to protect the planet and Trivium Packaging sets an example that gives everyone reasons to be optimistic about our future.’


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