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Consumers rewarded for recycling Kiilto packages

Kiilto and the packaging recycling app Bower have started a partnership in Finland in January 2024, giving consumers an extra incentive to recycle Kthe company’s consumer product packaging. Bower will offer points for Kiilto’s consumer product packaging recycled through the app. The points can be converted into cash or other benefits. Through the partnership the consumer earns five times the points for recycling Kiilto, Erisan, Serto and Linna packages.


Consumers scan the packages into the Bower app on their phone, take the packages to the nearest recycling point (which can also be the sorting point of their own building), confirm their location in the app and sort the packaging for recycling. The recycled packages earns points that can be converted into cash or coupons via the app. Points can also be donated to charity or used to redeem discount codes. The Bower app has around 580,000 users in the Nordic countries. 


‘Our cooperation with Bower feels natural, as both companies aim to be pioneers in environmental responsibility,’ said Antero Kivioja, business area director of consumer goods. ‘Kiilto is doing everything it can to contribute to its ambitious environmental goals. The responsibility for the product lies with the manufacturer, and we strive to help consumers recycle packaging correctly in many ways, including clear recycling instructions on packaging and on our website. This partnership offers an opportunity to motivate consumers to recycle even more actively, as the five points earned from recycling Kiilto packaging can be converted into benefits.’


According to a consumer survey commissioned by the company, 38% of consumers buying laundry detergents considered the sustainability of the product to be a particularly important purchase criteria. However, consumers found it difficult to assess how responsible is the product or its manufacturer, as well as the impact of their own choices. Responsibility is expressed in terms of the experience of safety, the effectiveness or sufficiency of the product and the recyclability of the packaging.



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