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Conscious Christmas: London's sustainable shopping map for 2022

Due to the cost of living crisis, we are all feeling the pinch this Christmas. Some 60% of Brits are expecting to spend less this shopping season, but with one in three intending to buy second hand, it is clear that sustainable shopping is still on the nation's agenda.

With over half (59%) of Brits believing that supporting independent retailers is an important consideration when buying gifts, it is more important than ever for consumers to shop in a manner that mis not only wallet friendly but conscious of the environment too.

To help Brits save money whilst sustainably this Christmas, Icon Printing, a London based t-shirt printing company, has revealed its Conscious Christmas tube map for 2022, which illustrates the best independent, sustainably minded and second hand stores from across London.

Whether you are looking for some creative homeware, homemade dog treats or even plant based beauty products – whoever you are shopping for, you can be sure to find a gift from one of these stores.

Kitty McEntee, the founder of Lab Tonica, a London based, herbal wellness brand said: ‘Independent businesses are critical for local neighbourhoods to bloom, for creativity to flourish and for a healthy domestic economy to thrive, especially in the political and economic climate of today. We love to do our bit by supporting, and celebrating fellow small businesses, but we rely on our local community to keep us going.’

When discussing the importance of supporting independents this Christmas, Kitty said: ‘So much of Christmas shopping is done online nowadays, running the risk of postal strikes, delays, or not being happy with the final product when it arrives. By shopping local, you cut out the middleman and can see exactly what you are getting. More importantly, who doesn’t love a Christmas gift that has been bought from a small, local business?

‘We should be supporting small brands and ensuring the creativity and interesting innovations in the sector continue to thrive. Of course, we are in tough times at the moment, but supporting local businesses helps put money back into where it is needed most – at a grassroots level.’

Alex Econs, founder of Icon Printing, said: ‘With everyone feeling the pinch this Christmas, the shopping season can be a stressful time. From second hand stores to locally sourced products, there are ways that shoppers can spend less whilst still supporting local independent businesses.

‘At Icon Printing, we work with a number of independent businesses and it is vital to encourage people to support them, especially during the festive period. Sustainability is at the forefront of consumers' minds and this is forcing businesses to respond; in 2022 orders for sustainable garments were at a record high for our business and a trend that we expect to continue into 2023 and beyond.’

Icon Printing offers fast turnaround printing on a range of eco friendly garments, counting numerous independent and sustainably minded clients among their customers including Karma Cola and Pillars Brewery.

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