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Clean Kitchen Club becomes first plant based restaurant to carbon label entire menu

Clean Kitchen Club, founded by Made in Chelsea star, Verity Bowditch, and former Youtuber, Mikey Pearce, has announced it is the first plant based food and lifestyle brand to publish carbon values for each of its items, which will be visible on menus in-store.

The new fully carbon labelled menu will include the popular ‘Chick’n Katsu Burger’ (at 0.24 kg of CO2e per item) and ‘No-Duck Wrap’ (at 0.35 kg of CO2e per item). Leading by example on the way to label food for other restaurants, both are placed in the ‘Grade A’ emissions category which translates to a ‘Very Low’ carbon rating. A typical beef burger in comparison has a staggering 2.11 kg carbon footprint and is rated ‘E’ on the My Emissions scale, the highest rating, meaning a very high carbon footprint.

Over the past year, Clean Kitchen Club has worked with My Emissions to calculate and reduce the carbon footprint across all areas of the business. This includes the food chain, packaging, cooking and delivery process, allowing Clean Kitchen to achieve the low carbon ratings and normalise the connection/relationship between food and the environment in the everyday.

Other menu items such as burgers and wraps boast either A or B ratings on the My Emissions scale, meaning they have a ‘Low’ or ‘Very Low’ carbon footprint. This rating is based on My Emissions’ rating system, which looks at the carbon intensity of a product or meal.

Most recently, the food brand also launched a fast food meal box that is totally carbon neutral, Happy Planet Meals.

The fast growing plant based chain operates out of five sites in London. Clean Kitchen Club will be opening a larger flagship store in Soho this year and is in the midst of opening four other grab and go sites in London, with the hope of opening up to 40 new sites across the UK in the next few years.

Mikey Pearce, co-founder and CEO, commented: ‘This is a fantastic step for Clean Kitchen, and we are incredibly proud of the work we are doing with My Emissions to make our menu as sustainable and low carbon as possible. As the business continues to grow, we hope to continue leading the way towards a more sustainable future for the plant based industry.’

Verity Bowditch, co-founder and head of sustainability, added: ‘People are waking up to the impact that meat production is having on the environment and have been searching for a clear solution – one that also fits easily into their lifestyle. We provide exactly that. Clean Kitchen Club isn’t just for vegans but anyone looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. We have a real opportunity to change perceptions of plant based food and help tackle the climate crisis, and this is just the start.’


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