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Chimney Sheep launches new eco drying product

Cumbrian based #ChimneySheep is adding a new product to its range – called the #LaundryMac. This is a waterproof ‘coat’ to put over outdoor hanging laundry. The Laundry Mac is made from a waterproof, breathable fabric that fastens onto three and four armed rotary dryers allowing consumers to hang washing outdoors in all weather conditions. The eco friendly product dispels the need for tumble dryers and reduces the risk of unnecessary damp in the home.

The simple Laundry Mac design is made with high quality yet functional materials. The fabric is both breathable and waterproof, working to protect laundry from rain whilst enabling vapour to evaporate off damp laundry through the fabric. Heavy weights are stitched into the perimeter of the Mac to ensure stability in wind. It also comes with a telescopic prop to raise the Mac like an umbrella, enabling rainwater to drain off away from the laundry.

The idea behind the Laundry Mac came from the rise in research around the danger of excess damp in the home – according to the English Housing Survey 5% of all houses in the UK have damp issues. Drying laundry inside the home can contribute excess damp, producing allergens, irritants, and sometimes, toxic substances. In many cases this can cause or exacerbate many respiratory illnesses, particularly in children and the elderly. The Laundry Mac reduces the risk of unnecessary damp throughout the whole year, by allowing consumers to air dry laundry outside in all weather conditions.

Owner of Chimney Sheep and creator of the Laundry Mac, Sally Phillips stated ‘I am so excited to be launching the Laundry Mac as part of the Chimney Sheep range. I really believe that this could change the way people decide to dry their laundry – not only does it save costs in terms of energy bills, but it is also kinder to the environment. I came up with the Laundry Mac concept through reading numerous research papers that showed the health risks of excess damp in the home. Drying laundry in the home can lead to damp problems, with a typical load causing two litres of water to be absorbed into fabric, walls and upholstery. The Laundry Mac provides an easy fix for this by allowing outdoor air drying throughout the year ensuring people have healthier homes and cheaper electricity bills!’

The Laundry Mac dries easily and folds away in the drawstring bag included with purchase. It is priced £39.99 and is available to buy online at


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