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Children become climate ambassadors – UPM supports Plant-for-the-Planet

#UPM is supporting the academy program of #Plant-for-the-Planet, a charitable foundation that wants to contribute to #climate #protection. The foundation plants #trees and organises children academies to promote sustainable thinking and environmental awareness.

‘In the academies children educate each other as amabssadors for climate justice. They learn concretely how the climate crisis threatens their future and the lives of people worldwide and develop their own actions for their future in groups. Furthermore, they also practice their presentation skills as a core competence for school and everyday life,’ explained Lisa Kohn, public relations, Plant-for-the-Planet.

‘Plant-for-the-Planet's philosophy fits well to UPM's own commitment to sustainability and our will to promote active dialogue with our local stakeholders. UPM’s global and local support activities are coordinated under the umbrella of our Biofore Share and Care programme, which reflects our dedication to helping shape a sustainable and innovative future. We specifically support projects that are relevant to our business and through which we promote innovation, sustainability and local community welfare. One focus area of this programme is reading and learning, so we have here a perfect match,’ said Dr Stefanie Eichiner, sustainability manager at UPM.

Plant-for-the-Planet organises academies around the globe in order to sensitise children to problems surrounding climate and justice. More than 140 seminars are held annually all over the world.

UPM's Biofore strategy is based on the versatile use of renewable wood biomass, driven by a commitment to innovation, resource efficiency and responsibility. We plant roughly 70 million tree seedlings per year. These goals and the goals of the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation fit well together and it is particularly important to pass on this thinking and knowledge about climate justice to the younger generation.


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