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Car sharing: a solution to a guilt free holiday

Co Wheels ( provides some advice and looks at some of the reasons for which car sharing exists as the perfect solution to a guilt free holiday.

Boarding a plane and flying to an exotic country is currently not a priority for holidaymakers. Instead, staycations are on the rise.

As we gradually crawl out from a stormy period of uncertainty and confusion, more and more Brits are deciding to spend their vacations in the UK. Frankly, that is hardly bad news. From pristine Cornish beaches and enchanting Scottish highlands to vibrant metropolises and inspiring historic sites, there is so much to see and enjoy. Moreover, it offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in a memorable holiday that has minimal impact on the environment.

A great way to reduce your staycation carbon footprint is to share a vehicle with your fellow travellers. So, why not join a car club? As a club member, you can book a shared car for the time, date, and location you want. Once you have collected it, you are ready to drive off into the sunset. That is the beauty of car sharing! Whilst playing your part in preserving your surroundings, you will also benefit from a wide range of advantages.

Eco friendly transfers

When visiting a new location, it is always nice to have the freedom to move around and explore the area’s hidden secrets. Do you and your partner want to share an intimate, peaceful moment on the shores of a crystal clear loch? Or do you and your friends want to sip a lager in the cosy pub of a nearby medieval village? Whatever your plans are, driving will often be required.

In this sense, car sharing is ideal. Book your vehicle, travel the distance you need, and drop it off for somebody else to use. If you are in a group, you can get to your desired destination at the same time – nobody gets lost or left behind. What is more, by travelling in a single car you are helping the environment significantly.

Importantly, it decreases traffic congestion. Indeed, fewer cars on the road mean that you are less likely to get stuck in a traffic jam. Moreover, you will help reduce air pollution as less toxic gas will be released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, if more travellers end up resorting to car sharing, there will be more opportunities to create green spaces. Ultimately, with fewer vehicles around, there will be less need for parking spaces!

Save your spending money

If you are stacking up the miles, chances are you will be forced to make frequent pitstops along the way. There is no hiding that, in the long run, refuelling your own vehicle can become quite expensive.

By car sharing, you can nullify your fuel expenses and save precious spending money. Not only that, but you will also not have to worry about potential, unwanted mishaps. If anything troubles your rented vehicle, it will be the company’s duty to cover the cost of potential maintenance issues (ie flat tyres, dead batteries, engine failure).

Hire the car you want

The beauty of car sharing is that you can hop into a vehicle that best suits you and your fellow holidaymakers. It is fair to say, in fact, that a car can have a significant impact on your vacation. If it is relatively small, for instance, it will make your passengers uncomfortable. Not to mention that, if you are driving through treacherous countryside paths, a compact vehicle may struggle to take you from A to B.

Moreover, you also have the chance to pick a green, sustainable option. Indeed, why not hire an electric car? By hitting Britain’s roads in an electric vehicle, you will be travelling across the country without harming the environment.

Stay in one place for longer

Fancy discovering all the hidden gems scattered around the Lake District? There is no need to travel for miles and miles to experience an unforgettable holiday. Indeed, by spending your staycation in a single location, you will be able to truly fall in love with the place in question. Sift through its alleyways, chat to the residents, taste the local produce – you will become an honorary citizen by the end of the holiday!

Furthermore, committing to one location will allow you to substantially reduce your travel carbon footprint. Yes, you will always require a car to plumb the depths of the area and take in its landscapes. However, car trips will be shorter and more sporadic, therefore decreasing your impact on the environment. Just hire a vehicle when you and your friends are in the mood for some exploring!

Thinking about booking a staycation? Fancy spending some well deserved time off in one of Britain’s amazing locations? Consider car sharing to enjoy a stress free, cost effective, and eco friendly getaway that you will cherish forever.


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