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Capsul’in Pro launches home compostable, biobased coffee capsule

Capsul’in Pro has Zero Impact Nespresso – a compatible coffee capsule, the first of its kind to be 100% biobased, certified home compostable and with a high oxygen barrier that protects the flavour and aroma of the coffee. The Zero Impact capsule is completely plant based and does not contain materials derived from fossil fuels. After use, the capsule can be put in a home compost bin or collected with organic waste. Capsul’in Pro has spent five years developing the technology to be the first company to solve the challenge of making a coffee capsule that is both biobased and has a high oxygen barrier.

CEO Laurent Lombart said, ‘Thanks to Capsul’in Pro’s IML Zero Impact capsule, consumers can have a more sustainable, home compostable coffee capsule with an excellent result in cup. Consumers now have more coffee capsule choices for a more sustainable everyday life. We are committed to shifting a significant share of the coffee capsule market to our Zero Impact capsules.’ Zero Impact refers to the capsule’s Zero Impact on fossil resources. This new capsule is in line with the European Union’s Circular Economy Action Plan which aims to reduce the environmental impact of packaging by 2030.


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