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Berry launches new high quality recycled refuse sacks

Berry Global’s UK refuse sack business has launched a new range of high strength refuse sacks, manufactured from recycled plastics.

The Ruffies name is already an established Berry Global brand in the US, which is now being introduced into the UK market. The refuse sacks, manufactured at the company’s recycling and manufacturing facility in Heanor, Derbyshire, are produced from extremely tough agricultural plastic waste, collected from farms in the UK and Ireland. Manufactured on multilayer extrusion lines, they create high quality and robust sacks that are extremely puncture resistant.

The used agricultural material that provides the recycled content for the sacks is being collected via the national Agricultural Plastic Environment (APE UK) scheme. This coordinates the development of a national collection and recycling infrastructure to support the responsible handling of used farm plastics in the UK.

The aim of the scheme is to increase the quantity of non packaging agricultural plastics collected from 30% to over 70% within five years, thereby reducing the amount going to landfill or being burned on farmland.

‘This is another example of how plastics can contribute to the circular economy, with products such as sileage wrap and greenhouse film produced by our Berry Agriculture business being collected and reprocessed into material to create our new Ruffies sacks,’ commented refuse sales director Lorcan Mekitarian.

The RecyClass recycled content certified bags are available in Tie Top and Tie Handle versions, packed in shelf ready cases. They are now being sold in Sainsbury’s supermarkets.


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