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Berkmann Wine Cellars champions sustainable winemakers in annual Green Harvest Report

The Berkmann Wine Cellars Green Harvest Report is now in its fourth release. The report showcases the sustainability credentials of more than 50 producers from the Berkmann Wine Cellars portfolio.

From championing wineries which use 100% renewable energy, to celebrating initiatives that help winemakers make more sustainable choices, the report highlights the sustainability efforts of Berkmann Wine Cellars’ producers.

The Green Harvest Report reveals the lengths that different wine producers are going to in a bid to reduce their environmental impact. This demonstrates their efforts in many fields, going beyond just the tending of the vines and the management of resources at each winery, through to packaging initiatives designed to reduce waste and energy use, and logistical efficiencies designed to reduce carbon footprint, all without ignoring the vital social responsibilities the wineries have, both locally and further afield.

The report uses four main criteria to measure each producer’s efforts in applying more sustainable measures:

  • The work in the vineyard takes into account the reduction of chemical inputs, the promotion of biodiversity, and careful water management as check points for more sustainable production.

  • The winery is then measured on renewable energy use, waste disposal, the construction and energy efficiency of the winery, and any carbon offsetting that helps to increase the producer’s ranking.

  • Packaging and logistics is the third factor taken into account, where eco friendly, lightweight and recycled packaging, as well as transport efficiencies are all measured.

  • Social responsibility is also taken into account, including employee welfare, the support of local charities, and the preservation of cultural identity; each of which contribute to the final scores.

The Green Harvest Report highlights suppliers making the biggest strides in their sustainability initiatives, where notable champions include:

  • Australian producer Unico Zelo, which focuses on making wines from grape varieties that can be easily grown, and without the need for irrigation or chemical input to control pests and disease.

  • Chilean supplier Matetic, couples a focus on organic and bio-dynamic farming, with a strong social responsibility agenda.

  • Buena Vista in California has a holistic approach that sees it score highly in each of the four areas.

  • Château Ksara is commended for taking part in the Lebanese Environmental Pollution Abatement Project, which encouraged it to adopt at a number of ways to lighten its footprint.

  • Italian winery Tasca is championed for its all encompassing approach to sustainability, using a studious and well audited system to quantify achievements.

  • Babich from New Zealand also features, having planted 2000 native trees and shrubs to promote biodiversity and protect waterways in its vineyard.

Charles Marshall, chief operating officer at Berkmann Wine Cellars, commented: ‘The commitment to tackling the increasingly obvious effects of climate change must be a global one, which is why it is so encouraging to see so many of our producers committed to doing their part in minimising their impact, whilst still producing great quality and fantastic tasting wines, our customers have come to expect.

‘Our annual Green Harvest Report is just one way we are supporting buyers when it comes to choosing wines that mirror their sustainability credentials. Whichever country they are looking to source from, the Green Harvest Report gives a rundown of the practices of each producer allowing them to choose the right winery, quickly and efficiently.’

Available now, the report champions the sustainable practices of producers both big and small. It acknowledges that everyone has a role to play in the long term health of the planet, and that whilst sustainability looks different to each producer, collectively, there has been a big step change in the industry’s approach to wine production.

To download your copy of the Berkmann Wine Cellars Green Harvest Report visit


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