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Apcoa launches over 500 EV charging points across the UK

Apcoa has opened its first UK Urban Mobility Hub to the public at St Catherine's Walk Car Park in the Welsh town of Carmarthen. The hub is now fully equipped with five 22kW AC fast chargers and 12 V3 Tesla Superchargers, capable of delivering peak charge rates up to 250kW.

In addition to this, the company provides 460 22kW AC fast EV chargers across seven Network Rail stations: Welwyn Garden City, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Letchworth, Edinburgh and Reading. A planned 12 month roll out will increase the total number of fast EV charging points at Network Rail sites to 750, which means that customers visiting these stations can pay for both their parking and EV charging in one transaction.

Through the analytics software, the company continuously monitors on-site availability and utilisation which will allow it to expand at these sites as required.

In Q2 2023, Apcoa is looking to expand by a further 250 EV charge points, a combination of ultra rapids and fast EV charge points including key locations such as Banstead, Bromley Civic Centre and Sheffield.

Regional managing director UK and Ireland and group ESG director Kim Challis commented: ‘We have a responsibility to drive sustainability targets within the industry and installing, managing, and analysing the impact of reliable charging points at these central locations makes a vital contribution to the environment and adds to the range of services that we offer to our customers across many sectors.’


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