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Alupro launches UK aerosol recycling initiative

Alupro, the aluminium packaging recycling organisation, has launched the ‘UK Aerosol Recycling Initiative’. The move will help increase the awareness and uptake of aerosol recycling among the public and drive increased recycling rates across the UK.

The initiative brings together working group partners from across the value chain including Ball Aerosol Packaging, the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA), Ecosurety, a packaging compliance scheme, The Metals Processing Institute, Suez Recycling and Recovery UK and Tandom Metallurgical Group Ltd, processors of reclaimed aluminium. The project aims to ensure metal aerosol recyclability and viability in a post extended producer responsibility (EPR) and post deposit return scheme (DRS) landscape. Metal recycles forever, so the steel or aluminium in metal aerosols can be recycled endlessly, without any loss of quality.