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Alupro launches sustainability fact sheets to highlight circular properties of aluminium

Alupro, the aluminium packaging recycling organisation, has released a series of informative fact sheets outlining the benefits of aluminium packaging. Hosted on the Alupro website, the documents aim to provide packaging professionals, retailers, manufacturers and the wider supply chain with statistics and information about the material’s circular properties.

Covering a range of topics, including the recycling processes, collection rates, upcoming legislative changes and the carbon footprint of aluminium, the fact sheets are positioned as a valuable reference document to support design for recycling decision making.

Tom Giddings, sustainability and public affairs manager at Alupro, commented: ‘Sustainability, recyclability and resource efficiency are three key considerations analysed during the packaging design process. We wanted to create an easy way for packaging professionals to understand the superior properties of aluminium and access rigorous data to support their decision making.

‘Infinitely recyclable, reformed endlessly and retaining its properties indefinitely, aluminium is a true sustainable success story. With exceptional properties and offering versatility for manufacturers, our ambition is to see aluminium used in an increasing percentage of packaging worldwide and always recycled in every market.’

To download your copy of the sustainability fact sheets, visit


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