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Aggreko champions greener manufacturing with emissions calculator launch

Global temporary power company Aggreko has reaffirmed its support for greener practice in the manufacturing sector with the launch of a new emissions calculator. The tool allows users to see real world percentage reductions in emissions and fuel consumption that can be made by switching a Greener Upgrade.

Recent industry trends have indicated an urgent need for greener power generation in manufacturing. Deloitte’s 2021 report Sustainable Manufacturing: From Vision to Action highlighted improving operational efficiency and adopting green energy as key areas of impact for this industry going forwards, with processes in this sector accounting for one third of global energy consumption.

With the rising cost of energy also compounding the need for more efficient practice, Aggreko has launched a new emissions calculator, accessible through the company’s website, in order to allow operators to identify greener alternatives to their organisation’s current method of power generation. The calculator uses information based on the unique energy demands of each site to determine potential savings in carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, particulate matter and fuel consumption.

Chris Rason, managing director at Aggreko Northern Europe, said: ‘With sustainability legislation becoming ever tighter, the government has called upon all sectors to play their part in transitioning to green energy – manufacturing included. With energy bills only continuing to rise too, operators are beginning to recognise the benefits of adopting more efficient solutions.

‘However, processes within this sector can prove particularly energy intensive, so finding an effective substitute for current power generation techniques can often be challenging. It is for this very reason that we’ve launched our new emissions calculator, allowing operators to easily identify a greener solution based on the energy demands of their site.’

The calculator has been developed from Aggreko’s extensive experience supplying decentralised energy solutions to the manufacturing industry, with special consideration paid to sector specific applications such as cold storage, cooling and process heating.

The tool forms part of Aggreko’s wider Greener Upgrades initiative, and follows the introduction of a number of more sustainable technologies to the company’s fleet. This includes solutions such as ultra low emission Stage V generators and hybrid battery installations, as well as using hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) as a drop-in fuel.

Chris concluded, ‘The UK’s green transition will only be able to take place through a series of incremental changes. Even by just switching to a smaller generator that does not exceed the needs of the site manufacturers can achieve an immediate reduction in carbon emissions.

‘Making minor switches such as these in the short term can deliver exponential returns in the long run, so we strongly encourage manufacturing operators to explore what alternatives are out there, as you might just be surprised at the efficiency gains this can deliver too.’

To access Aggreko’s emissions calculator, click here.


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