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adi Group’s environmental division expands workforce and service offering to meet consumer demand

Midlands based engineering business adi Group’s environmental division has ramped up its capacity in response to the continued rise in demand for environmentally compliant solutions.

Having delivered water treatment, air/steam quality and pre-treatment solutions to global brands including Müller, PepsiCo, Cadbury and Coca Cola, adi Environmental is already on a path of undeniable success.

The division’s team has increased from 12 to 18 skilled water treatment and air hygiene specialists in just 16 months, allowing it to provide new key services and lay the foundation for continued growth.

Providing a range of cost effective, risk assessed and compliant environmental solutions to address the environmental management concerns of organisations in a number of industries, the division is expanding to target new areas of business.

Martin Smith, managing director, is thrilled to continue to head up a division with such incredible potential for growth. He said, ‘Since 2010, our business has grown from a £280,000 to a £3,500,000 contract base value.

‘Throughout the years, we have gathered a solid client base that we have been able to establish long term working relationships with, and we look forward to targeting new business opportunities thanks to our new service offerings.’

adi Environmental has now introduced new training, air hygiene and engineered services sub-divisions, bringing more work in-house to complement current service offerings, as well as allowing it to invest in further growth.

‘We have placed significant focus on recruitment in 2022, and regionalised the business so more focus can be given to our identified growth areas.

‘It is important to us to continue to recruit high quality people ahead of our growth curve, so we can ensure that the current standards of service are maintained with our key client base, whilst building relationships with new clients in key markets,’ said Martin.

adi Environmental now aims to target a broader range of industries, including the leisure and domestic hygiene industries, with a consistent focus on compliance, which has always been pivotal to the business.

The division will continue to target areas of importance within the food and beverage, manufacturing, waste water and public sectors, as well as for large end users and power stations.

Its services include industrial and commercial water treatment, effluent and steam quality monitoring, risk assessment, audit and consultancy, with its expansion opening the door to a flow of new opportunities such as air hygiene services, engineering services, boiler house mechanical services and those deriving from its current portfolio.

‘Overall, our focus is to ensure that we can offer the right services to effectively address our customers’ pain points. For instance, water systems solutions and environmental control are key in many industries such as food and beverage manufacturing – our services are designed to remove risk exposure and drive productivity, but also to help clients comply with legislation.

‘We are acutely aware of the ultimate paradox of increasing compliance and reducing operational costs for businesses – particularly in the current climate.

‘And with an ever present focus on sustainability, councils, municipalities, and businesses that are using recycled and reclaimed water are continuously looking to improve their water security to relieve pressure on distribution networks and limit their extraction of freshwater. We work with all clients to ensure their sustainability goals are prioritised every step of the way,’ said Martin.

As a City & Guilds L8 water treatment training specialist, adi Environmental helps clients meet and exceed their obligations in managing risks posed by the legionella bacterium. The division’s intimate knowledge of the market and its requirements will allow it to continue to make strategic additions to its existing capabilities in the field.

Having also implemented a ‘Portal’ system to enhance communication with clients, the company ensures that complete visibility is offered to customers, as well as enabling them to more easily access information such as hours spent on each task and input their required schedule of works.

‘We operate with the ultimate aim to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of our clients achieving their goals, as well as providing added value,’ said Martin. ‘We have a keen understanding of the issues affecting our customer base that is entirely driven by our in-depth expertise and our continued desire to deliver bespoke solutions that meet clients’ needs through and through. We are excited to explore the new business avenues ahead of us, and reach new heights for the benefit of our customers.’


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