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A-tissue! Antalis boosts paper hygiene range with Katrin eco friendly offer

Responding to rising demand for eco friendly paper hygiene products, #Antalis has added a new sustainable range of premium hand towels, toilet rolls and associated systems.

The #paper merchant has teamed up with Finnish supplier #Metsa to offer customers its quality #Katrin brand of #recyclable #paper #towels, hand towel systems, toilet rolls and toilet roll dispensers. Providing flexibility and choice, customers can choose from a wide selection of premium folded and multi-fold paper towels depending on their needs.

What is more, designed to improve accessibility for all users, Katrin’s inclusive System Towel Dispenser features braille instructions on its easy to use push bar, that with the push of a button, feeds paper when it is not visible.

Meanwhile, businesses looking for an eco friendly paper hygiene solution need look no further as the Katrin’s #sustainable credentials are second to none. As a leading European manufacturer of paper products, 100% of the wood used by Metsa is traceable while 88% is sourced from sustainably managed forests. The firm is also committed to responsible forest management and forest certifications such as FSC and PEFC.

All of Katrin’s plastic dispensers and any associated plastic packaging are also fully recyclable.

The updated offering comes as research shows a third of consumers now prefer to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good.

Scott Tuckey, product manager at Antalis, commented: ‘Sustainability is certainly the watchword for 2019 as many businesses, including hospitality, schools and retailers, are actively reviewing their supply chain and purchasing decisions for ways to boost their green credentials.

‘Recognising that for our customers this strategy includes a holistic approach that increasingly applies to hygiene products, we are delighted to now stock the Katrin range of premium sustainable paper hygiene products and dispensers, offering an eco friendly alternative without compromising on quality.’


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