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A green future with EcoMetrix

Eco Group has appointed Elkie Black to head up its EcoMetrix carbon accountancy data department.


Elkie has spent three years in Eco’s business, gaining vital experience across its industry solutions and projects divisions. Having focused on finance, she is taking ownership for capturing Eco’s carbon footprint.


Elkie said, ‘It is really exciting to be working with technologies which are shaping the future and in a sector which is so important to all of us and is growing so fast.


‘I am so glad the company has chosen me to perform this role and to help lead the way on this initiative. I have got some great people around me who I learn from every day.’


Elkie has helped Eco commence its own carbon accountancy, capturing 18 months of data from across the business, including fuel, energy, and travel to work impact.


Thanks to the simplicity of the EcoMetrix software Elkie has been able to retrospectively set Eco’s benchmark year as 2021/22. 


She said, ‘Now we have completed the benchmarking, it is as simple as inputting our data on a monthly basis. The ease at which we can upload data allows us to ensure that we are constantly up to date with our carbon footprint. I can’t wait to see the positive difference we are able to achieve on our own journey.


‘Having gone through this process with our own business we are perfectly placed to help other businesses all over the UK.’ 

‘The EcoMetrix software makes the whole process so much easier,’ said Elkie who is the latest family member to help drive the company forward, as the youngest daughter of company founders Eddie and Nicola.  


EcoMetrix offers a solution to businesses who are fast realising they need to be measuring their own journeys to net zero in order to continue working in a responsible, successful manner.


Carbon accountancy provides not only a clear financial benefit to businesses adopting this technology but also assurances in knowing they are doing the right thing by the planet for this and future generations.


Gary Robertson, Eco’s Group opportunity strategist, said: ‘Pressure is growing within the business community for companies to provide their carbon number. More and more people are approaching us due to the increasing demand for carbon accountancy.


‘Many businesses are experiencing pressure from clients and their supply chain to reduce their carbon footprint.


‘We don’t want our partners and suppliers to have a situation where they don’t win an important contract because they have not got a carbon number.’


EcoMetrix offers businesses an easy to understand solution thanks to its innovative platform, which measures a business’ environmental impact and is then used as a benchmark to implement carbon reduction measures.


Gary said, ‘It can be difficult to get to grips with the practicalities of where and how to start measuring your emissions.


‘We work with businesses right from the start. We help them to benchmark where they are now, set targets for the future and then help them get there. By setting their benchmark year we are able to help them begin their journey, assist them with regular data inputting and ultimately guide them on how and where they can reduce their footprint


‘Ultimately, carbon accounting should be treated in the same way as financial accounting, the only difference is it keeps track of emissions rather than money.


‘In the future the carbon audit of a business will be just as crucial to the credibility and performance of that organisation as a financial audit is today. It is prudent that companies begin their journey today rather than waiting until legislation forces their hand.’ 

EcoGoZero works alongside businesses and organisations across the UK to help them meet their net zero ambitions through finding the right accessible and affordable solutions. These include EV charging solutions, off-grid lighting, energy decentralisation as well as the EcoMetrix carbon accounting software package. 




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