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Making water savings: simple ideas to try today


                                                              Check your water use.


                                                              There are lots of cost effective appliances that can                                                                   help to  save on water (not expensive and take a                                                                     couple of minutes to fit. You can change a  light bulb                                                               right? Then you can do  this).

                                                              Don’t forget the loo! There are lots of water saving                                                                   devices that you can utilise within your business that                                                               will help you. But, please do note: some devices are                                                                 so 'good' at what they do, they actually impact on                                                                     the effectiveness of the appliance. For instance, a

                                                              toilet that doesn’t flush properly because it has an                                                                   inadequate water saving device, may well see every                                                               visitor having to flush two or three times, which will                                                                   mean that you are using more water, not less.

Depending on your type of business, you may well provide showers for your employees. Water efficient showerheads can often be retrofitted and will save you money, water and energy. They do not cost a lot to buy.

Be sensible with appliances. Make sure dishwashers, or other water utilising appliances, are full before use. 

Use a washing up bowl instead of running a tap

into the sink. Turn off the tap.

What about installing a water butt to collect

rainwater, which can be used for cleaning,

watering plants, and the like.

Again simple housekeeping – 

a dripping tap that simply needs

tightening could waste at least

5500 litres of water a year; that

is enough to fill a paddling pool

every week for the whole

summer (Waterwise).

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