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How do on waste?


No matter how green you are, and no matter what your company does, there will always be areas where you unavoidably produce waste. This can cost you money, so minimising it makes good business sense.

Ensure that everything you have and everything you do is kept to the highest standards – this will save environmental impact.


For instance, well maintained machinery will not eat power and will run more efficiently.


An up to date customer database will mean that you aren’t sending out communications to clients that no longer exist or for whom the message is not relevant.


A tidy and clean office will make employees feel more empowered to stick to a green ethos.

When you are trying to save waste it is all about some simple words – procure, decrease, reuse, maintain, recover, recycle, and dispose. If you think about the way that you do each of these and carry them out in the best environmental manner, then you will help to make your business greener.


See the check list on our resources page

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