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Five super simple, no cost, things to do today to make your business more green

1. Encourage and incentivise employeesto get out of the car! Walking or cycling is better for the environment – and helps towards your 10,000 steps a day.  Just one person swapping a 20 mile round trip can reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by 2.177 tonnes.

2. Simple and obvious! Just don't waste! In practice, in a busy working environment it is very easy to slip up on this one. It is very easy to misuse resources or to not housekeep and maintain properly.

3. Recycle as much as you can. A recycling strategy that

means that at end of life products are recovered and

remade, is a quick and simple step to greening up your

business, but also a brilliant way to save on costs.

4. Swap out plastic or disposable cups for ceramics. 

Choose to reuse whatever you can, wherever

you can.

5. Turn it off. Lights in unused rooms or equipment

on standby. An average PC monitor on standby

uses 51 kWh per year of electricity .

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