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WRM launches guide to Regulation 61 Notices

Environmental consultant WRM has produced a free downloadable guide to the Regulation 61 Notices currently being issued by the Environment Agency (EA). An invaluable read for anyone in the biowaste sector, the guide outlines what assessments and reports are required to be completed and submitted to the EA ahead of the mid-August implementation date.

The Notices require operators assess the running of their facilities against the latest Best Available Techniques (BAT) and the response from an operator is required to cover all areas of operation.

Ben Brown, WRM director, said: ‘All Biowaste Treatment Installations are currently up for review against the new BAT standards, and existing installations must meet the new standards stated within the BAT document by 17 August 2022.

‘One of the new requirements for most operators will be to implement odour sampling and analysis of the odour concentration (ouE) in line with EN 13725 (EN Standard). Additionally, for operators of anaerobic digestion facilities that are located within 250 metres of a sensitive receptor, a new permit condition will be applied to undertake quarterly bioaerosol monitoring in line with the M9 standard.

‘We can liaise with businesses to complete a full BAT assessment against the updated BAT standards. We will then discuss the findings of the assessment before submitting to the Environment Agency to ensure future requirements are fully understood.’

Ben added, ‘WRM has completed a number of Regulation 61 responses and supported a variety of operators ranging from open windrow composters, invessel composters and anaerobic digestion facilities. We have the in-house skills and capability to perform the compliance assessment as well as a trusted subcontractor to perform the assessment against CIRIA 736, meaning WRM can provide a full package of support to any Biowaste Treatment operator.’

If you require assistance responding to a Regulation Notice, please contact WRM’s permitting team to discuss your requirements. To find out more, download the free WRM Regulation 61 Notices guide.


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