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Valmet to deliver automation to Baltics’ first biogas plant fired with biowaste

Valmet is to deliver automation to the Baltics’ first biogas plant fired with household and commercial biowaste. Built by BioWoima Finland Oy in Tallinn, Estonia, it will produce biomethane for the natural gas network and fuel for compressed natural gas powered vehicles. Bio-fertiliser for land improvement is also produced as a by-product.

The delivery will take place in May 2022, and the new biogas plant will be ready for operation in 2023.

‘The project increases the availability of renewable energy on the Estonian energy market. We chose Valmet as the automation supplier since it has a comprehensive automation system and a lot of experience with similar projects,’ said Toni Hiltunen, chief technology officer, BioWoima Finland Oy.

‘The Valmet DNA automation system supports high plant availability and safe operation. Our web based user interface speeds up decision making and enables the operators to work outside the control room, too,’ sad Arto Mäkinen, sales manager, energy and process industry, automation, Valmet.

Valmet’s delivery includes a DNA Automation System and an information management system as well as electrical, instrumentation, system, application and display engineering.

Valmet DNA Automation System is equipped with a web based DNA User Interface that extends the use of the automation system beyond traditional remote operations. Built with the latest web technologies, it comes with secure web based access that enables the plant teams to get relevant information whenever they need it, regardless of their location.

Additionally, the company will supply two containers in which the automation system will be installed.


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