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Valmet to deliver a multifuel boiler plant to Veolia Energie ČR in the Czech Republic

Valmet is to deliver a multifuel boiler plant to Veolia Energie ČR, as in Prerov, the Czech Republic. The new boiler will replace an old coal fired unit and strengthen Veolia’s strategy to move toward more environmentally friendly production of district heat and electricity.

The boiler plant will be taken over by the customer in January 2023.

‘We chose Valmet based on the criteria of public procurement, in other words, on the combination of price and operational costs for 15 years. It has a high number of running references and long experience with boilers. That is why we trust Valmet and already cherish our future relationship,’ said Jaromir Novak, head of the technical department, Veolia Energie ČR.

‘This is yet another great example of how Valmet can support decarbonisation in the energy sector. We will even reuse the existing boiler house to help reduce not only CO2 emissions from energy production but also from constructing the power plant. With flexible use of biomass and waste in all possible mixtures, the plant is fit for the challenging energy transition,’ explained Jari Niemelä, director, Boilers and Gasifiers, Valmet.

Valmet’s delivery scope includes a 40 MWth BFB boiler utilising bubbling fluidised bed combustion technology. The multifuel boiler is designed to run from 0 to 100% on refuse derived fuel (RDF) and/or biomass.

Additionally, the delivery includes a flue gas cleaning system, refurbishment of an existing steel structure and its modification, electrification and instrumentation as well as an upgrade of an existing automation system.


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