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The royal rays

Sea Life Loch Lomond has named a family of five, fun loving rays after their Royal Highnesses Prince William, Kate Middleton and their three children, in celebration of the couple’s 10 year anniversary on 29 April.

With the royal couple famously meeting for the first time and starting their romance at St Andrews University in Scotland, Sea Life Loch Lomond wanted to pay tribute to the happy couple in the country where they fell in love.

The family of rays are well known at the aquarium for being positive, popular and playful creatures who always have a smile on their face, just like the Cambridge clan, so they are a perfect fit to carry the honorary titles.

The newly royally appointed parents have been named William and Kate, with their three baby rays taking the Cambridge children’s names – George, Charlotte and Louis.

Rays are amongst the ocean’s strongest swimmers – which seems fitting for the Cambridge family who are known for their athleticism in the water, with Prince William himself telling guests at an investiture that he and Kate worked hard to make sure they have a ‘family of swimmers’.

Kathryn Angel, Sea Life Loch Lomond’s general manager, said: ‘We are thrilled to be able to pay tribute to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in true Sea Life fashion, with the newly crowned family of regal rays.

‘We have worked hard throughout the lockdown to ensure all our residents receive the same high level of care they have all year round; we have also carefully considered and implemented social distancing and other safety measures throughout the site to ensure we can offer a safe environment for all of the family during their visit.’


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