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Six schools to work with House of Lords on climate change

Students at six schools from across Britain will join forces with a cross party group of peers scrutinising government policies on climate change and the environment.

The House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Select Committee invited schools and colleges to bid to join a one year pilot programme to let youngsters express their views and offer ideas about its work.

The six schools in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, selected from more than 100 which applied to take part, are:

Birkenhead Sixth Form College, Wirral.

Stockton Riverside College, Stockton-On-Tees.

Grove Academy, Dundee.

Ysgol Cwm Brombil, Port Talbot.

Ulidia Integrated College, Carrickfergus.

St Catherine's College, Eastbourne.

Committee chair Baroness Parminter plans to visit each of the schools when possible.

Students will join face to face virtual meetings with peers to discuss the committee’s work and inquiries, with the opportunity to say what they think the committee should ask government ministers and other witnesses in question and answer sessions or should consider as it prepares reports.

Pupils at each of the schools will learn about the work of the committee and the House of Lords with the help of special briefings from Parliament.

Baroness Kate Parminter said, ‘It is great to see so many young people keen to get involved with efforts to combat climate change and protect the natural world. We had lots of interest and I thank everyone for their brilliant bids to work with us on these big issues.

‘We look forward to hearing from and working with the students who will help us to do our job of holding the government to account and ensuring that policies meet climate targets.’


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