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Samuel Knight International welcomes plans for new Teesside power plant

#SamuelKnightInternational, a leading rail and energy recruitment specialist, has welcomed the plan for a new Teesside Combined Cycle #power plant.

The project, which is led by #SembcorpUtilities UK, has taken major strides forward following government approval and could generate up to 1700 megawatts – enough #electricity for up to five million people.

As coal phases out of Europe, new combined cycle plants like this will be needed, along with the fresh workforce required to manage sites and installations. The project is expected to take up to three years to complete and will create 60 to 80 permanent jobs post build, a further 150 in the supply chain – and up to 1000 during the highly anticipated construction. Luckily, the North East is well equipped with an eager talent pool ready to take on such tasks. 

Commenting on the news, Simon Cottenham, energy business development manager, said: ‘We certainly encourage and appreciate all projects supporting the growth of combined cycle power, so this news is very much welcomed. It is fantastic that the power plant is being developed in our local area, as we already have an existing network of professionals that are keen to jump on the project. The North East is particularly recognised for its rich talent pool in the oil and gas sector, and renewable energy is known to be less complicated to install, which makes it particularly attractive to new recruits and graduates.

‘Looking forward, as the world of energy and gas continues to evolve, there will need be an uptake in digital technology skills, with energy storage professionals likely to be in high demand in the near future.’


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