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Reconomy launches sustainable food and drink packaging

Reconomy has announced a new sustainable food and drink container service for businesses throughout the UK.

In the UK alone, 10.7 billion single use food and drink take out containers are discarded each year after just one use, a significant environmental threat that needs urgent attention.

Reconomy is therefore helping businesses switch to a reuse solution that is practical, commercially viable and environmentally friendly.

The collection includes a diverse range of reusable containers suitable for various applications and will be reusable over 1000 times helping to cut carbon emissions by up to 96%, create zero litter, landfill and incineration, reduce transportation and storage and be recycled easily at the end of its lifecycle.

As well as increasing circularity, the collection will also deliver significant cost savings estimated to be at approximately 70 to 85% over a three year period compared to using single use disposables.

Alongside this new service offering, Reconomy has launched its own policy to minimise the use of single use plastics across its own operations and services and by all colleagues. The policy will also see it proactively work with its customers and suppliers to find positive solutions for reducing unnecessary waste plastics.

Nathan Gray, head of sustainability, commented: ‘This is a completely new service offering for Reconomy and one that will help our customers divert from single use, as well as demonstrating our own commitment to eradicating single use plastics.

‘Our aim has always been to lead the way in the reuse revolution, bringing our customers on board to deliver significant carbon efficiency increases across a variety of the many sectors we work with. We are excited that this initiative will help more businesses drive forward a positive environmental impact as well as achieving commercial benefits.

‘In tandem with our own single use plastic policy, it is further evidence of our commitment to accelerating the transition to a more circular economy at Reconomy and through our customers and suppliers.’


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