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Parkside develops innovative compostable packaging solution for loose tea brand

Packaging solutions specialist, #Parkside, has collaborated with #Suki Tea to develop a sustainable printed pack for its various loose tea products, replacing a plain design and enabling the company to move closer towards its sustainability goals to be 100% #plasticfree by 2022.

The printed pack supports the brand’s ethos and vision to operate in a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner. Made from bio based materials and featuring a compostable zipper, the new pouch design provides excellent oxygen, aroma and moisture barrier that extend the shelf life of the tea while maintaining optimum flavour. 

Zoë McCullough, sales and marketing manager at Suki, said: ‘Customers are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact and therefore eco friendly packaging was a key for Suki. It has been a challenge but an important one that links closely to our core ethics and ethos, Parkside have been instrumental in achieving one of key objectives – plastic free tea packaging. 

‘Favouring ethical supplier practices and operating in a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner are the cornerstones of everything we do so it was a natural next step for Suki. Working with Parkside has been great, matching our values in and delivering outstanding compostable packaging.’

The new packaging adds to the ever expanding portfolio of Park2Nature compostable packaging solutions Parkside currently provides. The packs are designed to break down within 26 weeks, as well as suitable for industrial composting facilities and complies with A Plastic Planet’s Plastic Free Trust Mark. The high definition graphics created with HD compostable inks also provide greater shelf appeal for the tea brand. 

Paula Birch, sales and innovations director at Parkside, said: ‘Suki Tea is an adventurous, responsible brand that respects and values people and the planet. Working with the team was a privilege and we are extremely pleased we were able to help the brand to achieve an innovative pack solution that is sustainable in every way.’

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