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Paperboard: Metsä Board scores ‘A’ for both CDP Climate and CDP Water programmes

#Metsä Board has once again been highlighted as a global leader in corporate sustainability by #CDP, a non profit global environmental disclosure platform, by achieving a place on the CDP A List for both climate change and water security. This is the fourth consecutive year that the company has been included on the CDP Water A List and the third consecutive year on the CDP Climate A List. It also scored A- in the CDP’s Forest programme.

Metsä Board is among the top 27 companies placed on the global Water A List. This achievement is in recognition of the company’s nactions in the last reporting year to manage water more sustainably.

Additionally, Metsä Board is among the top 126 of companies featured on the global Climate A List. This positioning is a recognition for the company’s activities in cutting emissions, mitigating climate risks and developing the low carbon economy. In 2018, over 7000 companies disclosed through CDP.

‘We all need to act to combat climate change. Sustainability has to be an integral part of a responsible business and it must lead to concrete actions. I am proud that the work we do at Metsä Board was once again acknowledged by CDP and that we held our A level rating in both Climate and Water programmes,’ said Mika Joukio, CEO of Metsä Board.


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