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Join the global movement for sustainable lifestyles

UN Environment, UnSchool and thousands of individuals are amplifying calls to action for sustainable lifestyles globally, through the digital challenge ‘15 Ways in 15 Days’. The challenge outlines everyday lifestyle swaps that individuals can make to support the growing shift toward global sustainable living.

The #AnatomyOfAction is being launched at #UNESCO in Paris today (12 September, 2019) with keynote speakers, social media influencers and international experts, followed by the #UNEP ‘15 Ways in 15 Days’ Take Action Challenge.

‘September is a crucial month due to the #ClimateChange and SDG Summits, and world leaders will gather at UN Headquarters in New York to review progress and identify measures to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We can and should contribute by changing our lifestyles and asking our governments and companies to make sustainable living the default. The evidence based actions give us the power to make the waves of change we – and the planet – need,’ said Garrette Clark, Sustainable Lifestyles Programme.

The latest data shows that there are five key lifestyle areas of impact that anyone, anywhere can take to make a positive impact.

Evidence shows that if enough people start to adopt the changes outlined in the Anatomy of Action key lifestyle areas of food, stuff, move, money, and fun, then the global momentum of collective action will help shift the economy and address pressing social and environmental issues.

Each of the five main themes has a finger and three actions by which to remember the theme. This is the Anatomy of Action, a handy action set for everyday sustainable living.

These five areas of action form part of our everyday living needs and lifestyle choices that hold the potential – if enough people swap their actions – to support the global changes we need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

‘While government and business leaders certainly need to do much more to inspire and facilitate more sustainable lifestyles, this campaign reminds us that there is no reason to wait. Every individual has the power to act today. With this challenge we can discover surprisingly easy, cool and fun ways for saving our world,’ said Bas de Leeuw, managing director of the World Resources Forum and Member of the Club of Rome.

The Take Action Challenge harnesses the communities of global influencers to activate engaged audiences for conscious choices. It works through global influencers: that way, it aims to get traction through social media and create a buzz to move the needle of public opinion and engage civil society in a global transformation towards sustainable living.

‘This unique initiative offers a fun opportunity for people to showcase their own actions through social media, contribute to reach several of the SDGs and create a sustainable lifestyle in a fun and engaging way,’ said Andrea Norgren, project leader of the Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme at Stockholm Environment Institute.  


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