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Industrial Solar launches a website with refreshed design and content

Industrial Solar, a 100% subsidiary of Clean Industry Solutions, has launched a renewed website with a new look and expanded content. Industrial Solar provides expertise and technology for industrial clients to implement solar energy solutions. The new website reflects Industrial Solar’s holistic approach to solar energy solutions.

The company’s website has been restored with a fresher and sleeker look in design and more functionality. For instance, visitors can now conduct an in-site search to find more specific information faster. Apart from the usual English and German sites, Portuguese is now added to the available languages, with French and Spanish versions arranged to be online in the following weeks and other languages in the longer term.

Moreover, the website has been improved in terms of content. Now the website hosts industry specific pages to help clients discover the most appropriate technologies for their needs. A wide range of sectors, from the beverage and food to the automotive industries, is highlighted.

The website reflects the company’s growing portfolio and holistic approach to solar energy technologies with pages dedicated to photovoltaic applications while showcasing its experience in solar thermal energy on the references page. Overall, from design to content, a completely renewed website will enhance people’s online experience of Industrial Solar. Industrial Solar invites you to visit its new website at


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