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EcoVadis co-CEOs discuss journey to creating a positive impact

EcoVadis co-founders and co-CEOs Pierre Francois Thaler and Frederic Trinel joined ‘A Moment With’ to share their vision to create a business that would make a positive impact on the planet and society. As more companies looked to transform their practices and business models to drive positive sustainability impact across their value chains, they saw an opportunity to provide insights and solutions at scale. Taking a net positive approach by considering all stakeholders – customers, investors, employees, suppliers, and more, while actively measuring results and working to improve sustainability practices at scale shows correlation with positive outcomes and bottom line impacts, as indicated in a recent study by Bain & Company.

EcoVadis has since become one of the world's most trusted sustainability ratings providers, having assessed more than 100,000 companies in over 175 countries and 200 industries. Growing from a small start up to achieve unicorn status in June 2022 with a valuation over $1 billion, Pierre Francois Thaler and Frederic Trinel have driven EcoVadis’ growth with their focus on building a values driven culture and a collective passion for making a positive impact. ‘By nurturing a culture of inclusion, shared values and passion for making a real difference, our team is optimally equipped to help customers on their journeys to build resilient and sustainable supply chains and drive positive impact at scale,’ said Pierre Francois Thaler. ‘Our success is a testament to the power of aligning business goals with values and working together towards a sustainable future for all,’ added Frederic Trinel. EcoVadis continues to innovate with tools to support its customers: a Carbon Action Module to engage suppliers to drive decarbonisation across the supply chain and the EcoVadis Academy that helps develop sustainability practices and improve performance.

To hear more from the visionary leaders of EcoVadis visit the link here


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