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Duni brings food waste to the table – as napkins

It is one small step for lemon peels, one giant leap for the industry and Duni Group is now announcing the upcoming launch of fossil free premium napkins and table coverings under its brand.

In an industry first, the company has employed natural chemical technology based on leading research to reach the next level in sustainable product solutions. The launches mark the latest step in the group’s long term plan to increase the use of renewable materials, phase out all fossil plastics from its product portfolio and become a circular business by 2030.

Partnering with OrganoClick, Duni has developed new Bio Dunisoft napkins, using OC-BioBinder made from corn, lemon peels and other food waste. In addition, new Bio Dunicel premium table coverings will use a renewable binder made with potato starch, developed by the team in Germany. Both napkins and table coverings are recyclable as paper.

‘These product innovations embody how we are leading the transformation in our industry. The upcoming launches sends a strong message of commitment to shift our entire operation towards circular thinking, still offering our customers the world class products they always can expect from the Duni brand. This is one of many steps towards offering the most sustainable solutions on the market, and I am proud of the ingenuity and passion of the colleagues behind these launches,’ said Robert Dackeskog, president and CEO, Duni Group.

The new napkins and table coverings will additionally be launched in new, innovative, fibre based packaging. All plastic is being removed, so the packaging can be recycled either as paper or cardboard.


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