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Burger King, Côte, and Fridays deploy carbon analytics platform to tackle energy and climate crises

With energy now costing hospitality companies more than their rent, Burger King, Côte and Fridays have opted to invest in an AI driven, live carbon analytics platform from the social enterprise and Zero Carbon Forum founder, Zero Carbon Services, to deliver carbon and cost reductions across all of their outlets in the UK and Ireland. Further forum members including State of Play and McMullen’s are also planning to harness the platform. 

New collaborative research from trade bodies UK Hospitality, British Beer and Pub Association, British Institute of Innkeeping and Hospitality Ulster revealed that hospitality businesses are set to be hit with an 82% rise in their energy bills when the government’s support is significantly reduced in April. Businesses expect a 101% increase in energy bills during the first quarter of 2023, compared to the same period last year.

The tailored analytics platform will enable hospitality and brewing operators to instantly identify energy waste, take control of their consumption and deliver much needed cost and carbon savings. 

Designed for ease of use, a live carbon analytics dashboard displays bespoke and actionable insights to help organisations identify and eliminate carbon inefficiencies, accelerating the progress to net zero emissions. Its powerful AI driven insights engine also automatically uncovers and alerts users to emerging usage trends hidden within their data so that remedial action can be taken. Combined with engagement campaigns and carbon coaches, operational teams are supported with the insights and motivation to minimise waste in their daily practices.  

The Burger King, Côte and Fridays’ announcement builds on the success of Zero Carbon Services recently launched ‘Save While You Sleep’ programme to help hospitality, cut costs and carbon overnight.

As part of the programme, operations teams can be assigned dedicated ‘Carbon Coaches’ for training and on and off-site support and assistance with reporting on high waste sites, identifying key causes, help with remedial actions, and benchmark performance.  

Tim Doubleday, CFO at Burger King, said: ‘We are already realising energy savings, but we recognise that with soaring energy prices and our commitment to reach net zero emissions, we want to quickly and continuously pinpoint any energy and carbon waste driven by operational practices. Zero Carbon Services use of its analytics platform together with the support of its Carbon Coaches means we will be able to move with agility and speed in making key changes that will positively impact our carbon footprint and energy spend.’

Julie McEwan, interim CEO for Fridays, said: ‘Our ops teams are really engaged with the carbon analytics platform. Being able to interact with the data in such an easy and digestible way, and then take quick action, is helping us to drive behaviour change across the business when it comes to energy usage through our outlets which is translating into substantial savings across our estate.’

David Street, data and analytics director at Zero Carbon Services, added: ‘The current climate is extremely challenging, so it is even more important that operators actively manage their energy use every day and minimise waste. Turning equipment on early, leaving it on overnight and poorly maintaining it can all cost over £100 a week per outlet in unnecessary energy use.   

‘Our Save While You Sleep energy saving programme utilising our AI carbon analytics platform, has achieved energy savings worth up to £12,000 and avoided eight tonnes of CO2, per outlet, being emitted: the same as 30,000 car miles.  

‘With a typical outlet operating more than 50 pieces of equipment every day, identifying the source of the energy waste can be difficult. It is therefore fantastic to see operators such as Burger King, Côte and Fridays supporting their teams with the dynamic tools they need to identify actionable insights which help control energy consumption and keep costs and carbon down.’

A snapshot of the AI Carbon Analytics Platform from Zero Carbon.


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