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Arctic Paper Kostrzyn to reduce emissions by reusing energy

Arctic Paper Kostrzyn has signed a contract with NTP, a Polish based company that will build a production facility on Arctic Paper's premises and start production in 2025. At the same time, Arctic Paper Kostrzyn will buy recycled residual heat from the new facility and use it to dry paper, which will reduce CO2 emissions by 20,000 tonnes annually.

Arctic Paper Kostrzyn has a long experience with energy efficiency improvement and heat recovery solutions in cooperation with other companies. By recovering heat from the from new production process, Arctic Paper Kostrzyn will be supplied with 470,000 GJ of energy annually, which corresponds to 20 percent of the factory's total energy needs.

‘This is a solution that makes all parties winners – not least the environment – as we gear up for the circular economy. We get access to recycled and sustainable energy that covers a fifth of our needs at a competitive price and without having to make any further investments,’ said Michał Jarczyński, CEO, Arctic Paper SA.

This new project is another step towards a truly circular economy.

‘In addition to our investments in green energy in Sweden and Poland and to increase our overall energy efficiency, we need to use every opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions in line with our new 4P strategy with the goal of securing carbon neutrality for our paper production by 2030,’ he added.


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