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Adapteo launches Solar Power as a Service

Adapteo premier has launched an easy to use, add on solar power service. This is the result of its commitment to making solar energy accessible for temporary buildings. It enables customers – such as schools, care centres, and offices – to immediately decrease the carbon footprint related to energy consumed and enjoy the benefits of producing renewable energy. With the launch of ‘Solar Power as a Service’, the company also introduces Adapteo Essentials – a new product portfolio including optional add on solutions and services available for all customers.

Adapteo has now made it easy to install solar panels on temporary buildings. The innovative mounting system enables the solar panels to be installed on flat roofs with optimal sun absorption. The system can be mounted, dismounted and re-mounted again, creating a circular system, as is central to all the company’s operations.

‘The launch of Solar Power as a Service marks an important milestone for Adapteo’s long term focus in making modular buildings more sustainable, creating benefits for both our customers and the planet. In the development of the service, we have implemented several solar panel projects with our customers around Europe with promising results. Now, we are very excited to roll out the service and make it accessible to all our customers,’ said Johanna Persson, president and CEO.

One of Adapteo’s implemented solar panel projects is in Rødby, Denmark. The project consists of 500 modules that will house workers who have temporarily moved to Rødby to work on a construction site in the area. The temporary energy saving camp has achieved a low energy certification as the largest camp in Denmark for that type of construction by using solar panels and heat pumps. To completely avoid built-in district heating, Adapteo has installed 1200 solar panels which are estimated to reduce the need for electricity from the grid by 50%.

‘Adapteo currently has a portfolio of 1.3 million square metres of modular buildings. Imagine the potential in generating electricity if solar panels were the standard solution and set up on all the roofs! If, for example, our module C90 has solar panels and an air to water heat pump, the energy consumption can be cut in half compared to direct energy. This is an enormous untapped potential for environmental benefits and considerable added value for our customers,’ said Douglas Källsbo, environmental engineer at Adapteo.

Solar Power as a Service is now available for all customers, for both existing and planned modular buildings. Adapteo takes care of everything from mounting and dismounting the system, as well as installation, to make sure that it is ready to produce electricity.

The launch of Solar Power as a Service is part of the launch of Adapteo Essentials – a new portfolio of optional add on solutions and services available. In addition to solar panels, Adapteo Essentials also includes solutions and services such as facility management services, education and office equipment, heating pumps and more.


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