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A new eco focused cashback platform has launched in the UK

Shop for Climate Change ( is a new, eco focused cashback platform that funds organisations such as The Woodland Trust to help protect our planet. Offering cashback from the likes of eBay, Currys and Ocado, the site empowers consumers to actively support the environment, simply by doing their everyday shopping online.

With a choice of over 1500 online stores, customers can receive cashback on every purchase and have the opportunity to donate this to an environmental organisation of their choice. Alternatively, they can transfer their cash back directly to their bank account with the knowledge that 51% of Shop for Climate Change’s profits go to fund climate crisis solutions.

Organisations such as Greenpeace Environmental, Woodland Trust, Rewilding Britain and Amazon Aid Foundation, are all featured on the website.

Shop for Climate Change is founded by CEO Amin Saleem, who previously founded consumer champion automotive business autoebid which was the first organisation in its sector to offer carbon offsetting over 15 years ago and took over £230 million in orders. Co-founder and CFO Dan Liddington left his 16 year career as a finance director and management consultant at a big 4 firm to use his skills in a different context and make an impact fighting climate change.

Completing the strong team are founding team members Luke McMillan and Lars Schepp. Luke joins the team as head of partnerships and has a wealth of experience in project management and partnerships, having worked around the world on environmental and humanitarian projects. Lars joins the team as head of strategy, bringing strong international corporate business experience; he is an entrepreneur in the food sector with a passion for sustainability.

Amin Saleem said, ‘Our core founding team are extremely passionate about addressing climate change. Three of us met on a Cambridge University course on circularity and sustainability. We understood most of the change that is needed to address global warming and achieve net zero by 2050 is going to have to come from informed consumers using their combined buying power to drive the change needed. This will apply pressure on corporations and governments to act faster.’

On average, members can earn £340 in cashback or get 2700 trees planted a year with their everyday purchases.

The site informs users how to shop sustainably, provides green brand ratings and allows them to access deals from brands that share their values.


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